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Everyone at NM Engineering wants to improve the motoring experience for every MINI driver, but not at the expense of the environment. With that in mind, NM Engineering has a two pronged strategy to achieve that end.

1. NM Engineering is working to make sure all hi-performance engine products are street legal in all 50-states. So far, NM Engineering and its parent company, Automotive Performance Systems, Inc. have invested thousands of dollars and hundreds on man-hours in order to pass the stringent California Air Resources Board (CARB) and EPA testing and it is an ongoing process. Soon many of our product will have CARB Executive Order numbers. NM Engineering leads the way in true hi-performance products, responsible products!

2. NM Engineering packaging will be eco-friendly. All NM Engineering parts are packaged in the smallest container possible, while protecting its contents from the rigors of shipping and transport. Our engineered packaging does not need to be placed inside another box to be shipped further reducing waste.

NM Engineering will always use simple, uncoated, recycled cardboard, paper and special foam packing…all of which are recyclable, and we urge you to do so. When the need for foam packing materials is required, the foam we use is manufactured without ozone harming CFC’s or HCFC’s and can be recycled at over 3,000 locations in the USA. To find a recycling location near you, call toll-free: 800-828-2214

You can also send cardboard and foam to the following locations for recycling:

1093 Charter Street
Redwood City, CA 94063
111 Alan Drive
Newark, DE 19711
16850 Canal Street
Thornton, IL 60476
5800A Wheaton Drive
Atlanta, GA 30336
4-10 St. Mark Street
Auburn, MA 01501

Automotive Performance Systems has been encouraging automotive enthusiasts to be environmentally responsible for over three decades through recycling programs by making sure performance parts produce increased power and efficiency, yet do not cause more pollution. That tradition continues today with each and every NM Engineering parts we produce today and in the future.