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iSweep Chassis Brace Kit


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  • MINI F55 Hardtop 4-Door JCW 2.0T
  • MINI F55 Hardtop 4-Door Non-S 1.5T
  • MINI F55 Hardtop 4-Door S 2.0T
  • MINI F56 Hardtop JCW 2.0T
  • MINI F56 Hardtop Non-S 1.5T
  • MINI F56 Hardtop S 2.0T
  • MINI F57 Convertible JCW 2.0T
  • MINI F57 Convertible Non-S 1.5T
  • MINI F57 Convertible S 2.0T


Front Lower Subframe Brace
For the F55 and F56, we designed the brace to be as wide as possible. This design holds the complete front end in place and resists any unwanted twist, vertical or lateral. It is designed to significantly improve stability and cornering performance. Once installed the brace will effectively distribute the stress caused when driving evenly into the front cross member and chassis. This has been proven to improve suspension travel by suppressing unwanted movement and is able to keep the wheel alignment true. Our front subframe brace is a strict bolt-on unit. No modification is required to attach this brace. The mounting points were carefully thought out through our R&D and are securely bolted into six places 

Floor Tunnel Center Brace
Our iSweep Center Floor Power Brace replaces the factory piece. Our Power Brace is designed for strength and also to be lightweight, it is made in high strength steel and formed into a box structure for super strength. By improving the floor rigidity to the body it suppresses the unpleasant twist and movement of the body. 

Rear Lower Subframe Brace
The iSweep Rear Lower Subframe brace is a simple bolt-on product. It is designed to be very high in strength and also lightweight. We used high tensile steel and formed the brace in a box structure. This design is able to take far more stress compared to the stock unit. The brace will securely hold the rear lower control arms in place during spirited driving and hard cornering thus keeping the vehicle behavior neutral. 


Not recommended when paired with a factory exhaust system (North American models) due to tight clearance to secondary catalytic converter. 

Made in JAPAN

Installation Instructions