NM Eng. ECU Tune




NM Engineering software is the ultimate for your MINI Cooper equipped with the N14 or N18 turbo engine. Renowned for smooth drivability and exceptional reliability this software has been proven to be the best in exceptional horsepower and torque gains. Our software re-maps boost pressure, ignition timing, air-fuel ratios, throttle response and rev limiter (manual trans).

Stage 1: Stock condition or with simple bolt-on (Intake, exhaust, turbo pipes)
Stage 2: Intercooler equipped cars

Benefits of the NM flash:

  • Factory maps changed not redirects.
  • RSA encryption and checksum blocks intact.
  • Original file and P-Chip file saved. 
  • Only one performance file required for different octane, software will adjust.
  • NM Tune file utilizes factory flash updates which normally comes with 'fixes'
  • In-house chip tuning for over 20 years.
  • Each tune was road-tested for 2 years+ before officially released

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  • 91 Octane or higher fuel
  • Updated OEM Diverter Valve (part# 11658636606) for 2010 or older MINI Coopers.

Dyno chart reflects wheel power.

25-30 HP and 30-35 Ft-lbs gain on stock engine. An intercooler is needed for Stage 2 which will produce an additional 20-25% power gain.

We DO NOT override check engine light/fault code produced by low-grade catalytic converters.

ECU needs to be sent to us for the procedure.

Price includes return overnight shipping.

While the ECU is removed from your vehicle, DO NOT turn on the ignition.